About Us

Art Package Inc. is a decorating company. For eighteen years we have largely been serving the restaurant industry by providing and installing art packages.

Our company began as a small operation in Jacksonville, Florida. We quickly began doing a few projects for a regional restaurant owner and in a few years we were working on stores all over the world.

The experience of creating wall art for various restaurant operations has expanded our ability to offer practically any look or style for our customers. A huge inventory of décor items, art production capabilities and the talents and resources of our staff are all meant to best serve customers in the restaurant industry.

Our web identity, Restaurant Wall Art Décor, was selected to most closely identify us with the customers we serve best. All types of restaurant décor, wall art in all styles and our design and installation services are at your disposal.

We have helped a lot of customers create, establish, refresh or change the look and feel of their businesses. Contact usand let us see what we can do for you.