Custom Decorating

Please enjoy browsing through these galleries. We tried to include a wide variety of looks to give you some ideas and to display some of the work we have done. What we do for you might be completely different from anything you see here, or you might see a look that suits you. But remember, what we do for you will always be designed around your needs and desires.

There is an endless variety of looks; style, density, themes and of course budget considerations that contribute to the final look and feel of a restaurant.

Casual Gallery

"Casual" is not a very useful term these days to help describe contemporary restaurant markets. This segment now encompasses a very broad range of eating establishments. We have helped introduce To Go areas to more traditional stores while significantly upgrading the décor of Quick Serve type stores for someone else.

So the sample photos here were chosen more to reflect casual, fun type looks. The art actually might be from a dinner house or a barbecue restaurant.

Formal Gallery

Traditionally, a formal look would only be found in establishments with a higher average ticket and a good wine list. Not anymore. Anyone from Quick Serve to Restaurant Bar might choose to have a more formal, higher quality presentation.

Sports Gallery

We get lots of requests for sports looks. Sports Bar, Restaurant Bars, along with any restaurant category that might want the action and color associated with sports. Localized sports can also be done in a number of ways. We tried to show samples of a variety of methods to do sporting looks.

Themed Gallery

Theming can be a set of general themes like "outdoor activities" or "kid friendly", or they can be more specific like "fish camp, "home cooking country" or "wine bar". If desired, we can theme the décor to encompass the building style, the restaurant’s menu offerings or any combination of subject material deemed important.

Create your own Unique Gallery

Ok, not everything fits well into a category. All the looks we do are unique but sometimes we create art for a special purpose or circumstance. The idea here is, if you can imagine it, Art Package can make a look out of it.